Study the International Foundation Year

Start the Foundation Year at Wolverhampton in the UK

Many international students choose to study in the UK but do not have the qualifications needed to start a degree course right away. The International Foundation Year allows students to prepare for a degree course, learn new skills, improve their English and adjust to UK life.

Choose from four key subject areas

The University of Wolverhampton offers four foundation courses, giving international students the option to learn specialist skills that will benefit them in their future studies.

  • Education, Health and Wellbeing covers a broad range of topics, acting as a great first step for students who wish to teach or specialise in healthcare professional in the future.
  • Arts, a course that takes an academic and creative approach to the arts. Students that choose this course may wish to pursue further studies in literature, theatre, film, fine arts and numerous other options.
  • Engineering is geared up for those with analytical and inventive minds looking to study material that combines complex academic and practical skills.
  • Social Sciences, which suits students with an interest in subjects such s anthropology, economics, political science, psychology and sociology.

Study at an outstanding institution

Dating back to the mid-1800s, the University of Wolverhampton is a respected institution, providing excellence in academic teaching combined with modern facilities and a vibrant social environment. Best of all, 94% of our graduates find employment or continue into future education.