Study BSc Computer Science (Software Engineering)

Start your Computer Science Degree in the UK at Wolverhampton

BSc Computer Science students will learn the basics of engineering and apply this knowledge to the field of computer software. By the end of the course, students will be able to produce robust, quality systems that are easy to maintain and can be adapted in response to changes in user requirements.

What you will study

This degree course covers the computer languages, tools, techniques and methodologies used by computer professionals worldwide. During the final year of study, students will work on a final project, applying appropriate tools and methodologies to build software and evaluate its quality, security, complexity and efficiency.

Key skills you will learn on the course

Students will grasp and apply the core facts, concepts, principles, theories and practices of computer science. Students will analyse and interpret information from a range of sources and devise solutions to problems based on their findings. They will learn to communicate their findings clearly and effectively.

Gain excellent external experience

Our students will have the opportunity to carry out software development programming projects at established software engineering firms. As well as gaining valuable experience, students will become more employable as a result. These companies often offer permanent positions to graduates who have completed a placement year with them.

Study at an outstanding institution

Dating back to the mid-1800s, the University of Wolverhampton is a respected institution, providing excellence in academic teaching combined with modern facilities and a vibrant social environment. Best of all, 94% of our graduates find employment or continue into future education.