Faculties at the University of Wolverhampton

A leader in the UK higher education sector, the University of Wolverhampton is dedicated to the promotion of knowledge transfer, economic development and social justice. Recognised for its status as The University of Opportunity, Wolverhampton currently hosts students from over 150 nations across its four UK campuses and maintains links with partner institutions across the world.

    Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts is a vibrant hub of creativity at the University of Wolverhampton. Our students explore the creative arts including concepts in design, humanities, media and the performing arts through a range of courses at all levels. Across all disciplines, inspirational surroundings and state-of-the-art facilities enhance students’ overall learning experience. The faculty’s focus on industrial relations within the creative arts reinforces our focus on employability.

    Faculty of Social Sciences

Our Faculty of Social Sciences comprises three carefully designed schools. The Wolverhampton Law School provides an exceptionally high standard of legal education informed by the latest developments in international law. Students enrolled through the School of Social, Historical and Political Studies pursue degrees in everything from social policy to criminology. Meanwhile, the Business School benefits from strong industry links and the latest research.

    Faculty of Science & Engineering

The Faculty of Science & Engineering can trace its roots back more than 150 years, when the School of Technology opened to meet industrial demands in the West Midland’s ‘Black Country’. Today, the Faculty offers unique opportunities for education in key areas including architecture and design, computer science, engineering and mathematics. All of this is supported by more than 2,000 square miles of specialist equipment and purpose-built research laboratories.

    Faculty of Education, Health & Wellbeing

Combining five academic institutes, this Faculty specialises tuition centring on education, health, psychology, sport, social care and social work. Our students find careers in public health, exercise science and nursing – just to name a few key areas. During the course of their studies, each individual benefits from access to renowned instructors and exceptional facilities such as our multi-million pound Sports Centre and purpose-built healthcare and teacher training buildings.

    World-changing research

Our growing research community inspires a thirst for discovery among students while making meaningful contributions to global research endeavours. The most recent national research assessment (RAE 2008) identified us as one of the leading new universities for research in the West Midlands, paving the way for nearly £2 million in funding. We’ve channelled this into research centres covering a broad base of disciplines including business, biomedical sciences, construction, engineering and education.